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More Than Switches & Sockets

Vintage Industrial Switch sell primarily light switches and power sockets and they are the products you will find when you visit our web shop, eBay, or etsy pages.

However, with a creative and inventive designer as well as a flexible team, we can create many other metal products and have done previously.

Here are just some of the unique metal products designed and created by us at Vintage Industrial Switch.


Our tables are a special and uniquely designed product.

We cast the frame in separate parts, with each set making one end of the table. These ends are then attached using reconditioned scaffold poles and the customer can then fit whatever top they choose.

In the images above, you can see the table parts before a top has been added and also pictures of a fully finished table provided by an extremely happy customer.

Metal Signs

Recently, we have been playing around with the idea of designing and creating metal signs. The one pictured is a brass name plate for a dog kennel but using the same techniques we would be able to create many different types of signage.

These could include items such as name plates for bedroom doors or house name plaques. While we have no items of this type on sale at the moment, it is something we are looking to push ahead with in the near future.

Flag Poles

We were honoured to create the pictured flag poles, with banner, back plate, and featured Norfolk Wherry boat, to be displayed on our local high street in Stalham.

These are in situ on the exterior of shops all along the High Street and can be seen by anyone passing through.


Something we used to sell but have stopped producing in recent times is different types of lighting. There are three different styles of finished product pictured.

Other Products

Over the years we have experimented with many different products, some that we have gone on to sell and others that we decided against reproducing.

In the pictures above, you can see the only pair of "Hever Iron Works" chairs in existence, a vintage style tap which we had on sale for a while, and another tap that was the outcome of a brain storming session in the office but never went on sale to the public.

What do you think of our range of unique metal products? Would you like to see us sell any of these or something different?

If there is a unique metal product you require, other than our range of switches and sockets, you can contact our office and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

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