Our Products

We specialise in producing brand new vintage and industrial light switches and power sockets - cast from Aluminiu.

Our products can all be produced in a range of different styles:

  • Traditional - Crabtree inspired design (with Cupped Hollows around the Toggles)

  • Retrofits - Heavy and Industrial Style

  • Round - Surface Mounts and Switches

  • Conduit Switches

  • Faceplates - Single or Double Surface/Wall Box Mounts

  • Vintage Industrial Style Pattress Boxes

  • Heavy Vintage Industrial Style Light Switches & Power Sockets

All of our products are handmade in a family run foundry in North Norfolk. Stringent quality control measures are adhered to at every step to ensure the best possible products are created. We also do everything possible to stick to exact customer requirements when it comes to customising certain products.

Our switches and sockets are simple to fit, with most fitting into existing spaces or onto existing back boxes. This means that anyone can fit them and they can be used in your home as well as your business.

All sockets, switches and other products comply with British Standard & EU regulations – BS EN: British Standard European Norm - 60669-1, and can also be tailor-made to suit any international requirements, conforming to worldwide safety standards.

Below, we have links to our product dimensions page and a photo gallery of our products. The dimensions page has the length, width and depth of our switches and sockets, while the gallery has pictures taken both by our team at the foundry and by our satisfied customers.